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New brochure!! and some new stallions!

Begin april, de start van een nieuw fokkerijseizoen! Foncetti en Karan vers beschikbaar!! Diego, Urano & Kathmandu...

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Nakomelingen Foncetti aan de winst !

Zondag op de vrijspringwedstrijd van BWP gewest Pittem-Torhout presteerden de Foncetti nakomelingen bijzonder sterk!...

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Foncetti fenomenaal in Gothenburg

Amazing rounds of Foncetti & Thibeau Spits with a 4th place in the GP of Gothenburg, 1.55m class on saturday evening!!

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Welcome to stud-farm Van de Heffinck.

Van de Heffinck is a stud farm with the aim to breed sport horses to manage and to expose stallions.
Hubert Hamerlinck changed his farm stud to a functional place where horses feel at home.
Our aim is to find young quality stallions and mares so we can help to develop the breeding of showjumpers.
Proven stallions had their young career in our studfarm: Randel z, Clinton, Heartbreaker, Orlando, Vivant, Cornet Obolensky, Utrillo,....
One of the most famous Belgian horse families was developed by Hubert. The Quinette Ut - line brought everything what good breeding can bring: exceptional sport horses, fantastic broodmares, international recognition and radiation, auction toppers and champions on every level.
In our refrences you can see some of our horses who compete on the high level.
With our experience and knowledge we try to have trustfull fappy clients!

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